6 Crucial Questions to Ask Before Creating Your Startup Logo

October 9, 2020 @ 6:47 PM By Jennifer

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Creating a business logo is really crucial but also particularly simple. Honestly, you can start crafting your logo right away and be done before bedtime. But you should probably think through a few things before you get started. Here are six crucial questions to ask yourself before generating your dynamic logo design.


What did your competitors do?

Copying your competition is not only fairly illegal, it is ill-advised as well. Nevertheless, there’s no law against having some concepts based on what your competition has put together. Understanding what their reasoning was behind a particular design can assist to guide you along the way.

Does some specific colors or font or shape resonate specifically well with your desired audience? Analyze your competition, and see what you can get from them before creating your own startup logo.


What impression do you need to create?

Do not let anyone tell you that first impressions are not important. In many cases, your high tech logo will be the first thing a potential customer notices. What do you need your message to be? Trustworthy? Unique? Awesome? Clean?

Once you are certain about what you desire people to think, selecting the right fonts, colors, and common design gets much easier.


What colors best convey your message?

Every color comes with a specific association. For example, black, white, and gold tend to signal sophistication and purple represents royalty. Green of course goes with growth. Brown pairs with earthy, rustic feelings. Blue expresses stability and comfort. Red signals hunger and passion. Yellow shows a care free spirit and happiness. It is indeed a science!

Accordingly, publishers have the tendency to utilize black. The business and tech industries love to utilize blue. And the food industry prefer to utilize red, to name a few. Know that you do not need to select one color or another simply because of what industry you actually belong, or because of its famous association. If anything, you may desire to consider selecting a color that makes you stand out.

So, it is important to comprehend landscape of your market.


Which font best represents you?

There are uncountable multiple fonts to select from but do not get too creative. You perhaps should stick with one of the more generally utilized fonts. Everybody recognizes Arial, and it is easy to read. Baskerville is also ranking well on legibility tests, and it ranks consistently as one of the most trustworthy fonts.

Typically, sans-serif fonts are rated as easier to read, while serif fonts are rated as more professional. Throw all of this out the window and select something uniquely yours for your startup logo. But you should at least consider what the common people think.


How easy is your design to understand?

If somebody needs to spend more than a second to register and understand your startup logo, it is too difficult. Keep it simple! Part of what makes a logo notable easily is how long the brand has been around. You are doing too much if they have to think.

Trying to make a shape out of all the letters in your name, for example, is a bad concept. On the other hand, just your name in a good font could be great, simple means of getting your message out there. Minimalist designs have become popular because of this idea. Whatever you select, keep it simple.


Will it stand the test of time?

The last thing you need is a stunning startup logo that will perhaps go out of style next season. Do not think about what’s hip. Think about what’s stable. The big concept here is that you do not desire to age your business prematurely. Nor do you need people to make wrong speculations about your business because you typified one specific year or era.

Starting a business is really a big deal, and designing a trucking companies logo is one of those steps that makes your dream feel much more like a reality. Just do not get fallen all over all the hype and take a decision you are going to regret. You will be on your way to a successful business if you consider these questions before you decide.

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