A Summary about the Architecture of Credit Cooperative Society Software

September 7, 2020 @ 12:43 PM By Credit Cooperative

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A cooperative society is known as a voluntary organization with the mission of offering service to its members. Generally, these are created by the weaker part or poor people in the society. In order to focus on rural and suburban part of India, banking services are offered by cooperative societies. Generally, an extensive collection of banking solutions is offered by cooperative societies. The credit cooperative society software offered by them is based on the Open for Business framework and specific solutions.

What is known as Open for Business Framework?

Open for Business refers to a framework that offers an enterprise application created on a general architecture using common logic, data and a sophisticated set of business procedure. The architecture and tools of the framework have made it simple to develop and continue enterprise applications effectively. By using the cooperative society software, it becomes possible to avail new features and functionality and also keep its existing counterparts.

Services of Open for Business Framework

Open for Business framework offers services that include the following:

Facility and warehouse management system

Accounting (invoicing, agreements, general ledger, vendor management)

Work effort management

Electronic point of sale

Asset maintenance

Human resources

Catalogue and product management

Automated stock replenishment, Inventory management and others

Content management system

Interface of Cooperative Society Software

Let us know about the 4 major components that took place in the interface of cooperative society software:

Login – A login form is a compulsory part of online applications. It is required to fill in proper login information like user ID and password and click on login button. Once information is filled in login form and user clicks on the login button, a request is sent to the backend server of Open for Business. An authorization is generated by using party module of Open for Business framework.

Dashboard – Dashboard contains menus with summarized reports.

Member Registration – Mandatory fields should be filled in member registration form. Each member should possess zero balance savings accounts which will be made once you fill the member registration form. As early as all data are fed, member id will be generated by system automatically.

Create Account – While making an account, member id is selected by the user. This part deals with following:

Branch ID


Account No

Deposit Scheme Type

Plan Name

Account Holder

Mandate for A/C Operation

Payment Type

Collection Agent ID


Personal Information & Full Mailing Address

Basic Information & Nominee Detail

Hopefully, you have obtained important information about the software that is used to perform operations of cooperative society. You may search on the Internet to get more useful information.

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