Agency Accelerator Virtual Summit: Presented by DashClicks

July 7, 2020 @ 6:20 AM By

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FEATURING The Top Entrepreneurs on the Planet 

Fort Lauderdale, Florida – There has never been an event dedicated specifically to marketing agencies. The long wait is finally over!

DashClicks is happy to announce its inaugural Agency Accelerator Virtual Summit, on July 16 and 17, 2020. 

Summit Highlights

  • First-ever Agency Specific virtual summit
  • 15 Top Entrepreneurs sharing their secret success mantra
  • A 15-hr masterclass on prospecting and sales 
  • Sustainable strategies to scale agency on-demand
  • Participate from anywhere with any device (Entirely Online)
  • $17 Registration fees

“This is going to be a fascinating event for all of us at DashClicks. It’s almost like a dream come true. So many legends from the marketing-verse sharing their success stories, their strategies, and a lot more. I am sure digital agencies and entrepreneurs are as excited as we are right now,” Chad Kodary, CEO DashClicks.

DashClicks has managed to invite the most impactful entrepreneurs to lead the sessions. These speakers have already reached the masses and enjoyed great success in scaling their business to new heights. Their niche-specific presentations will be dedicated solely to help agencies and entrepreneurs add momentum to their scaling efforts. 

Summit Speakers:

– Chad Kodary

– Anik Singal

– Alex Charfen

– Ryan Stewman

– Taylor Welch

– Steve J Larsen

– Ross Christifulli

– Robb Quinn

– Alex Schlinsky

– Joel Kaplan

– Mikael Dia

– Nik Robbins

– JR Rivas

– Akbar Sheikh

– Angel Pichardo

“ DashClicks is offering summit registrations for only $17. On any other day, this high-caliber event would cost thousands in travel, lodging, and food expenses. We think the virtual summit offers a fair opportunity to all agencies and entrepreneurs.”- Marc Frankel, Paid Ads Production Manager-DashClicks

DashClicks $17 Account Credit

DashClicks has also announced that it will also give back the $17 summit registration fees to summit participants as DashClicks account credit. This offer makes the virtual summit pretty much free of cost. Participants can create a DashClicks account for free by going to

For virtual summit registrations, click here.

About DashClicks:

DashClicks is a SaaS platform built specifically for digital marketing agencies. The company headquarters are in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. DashClicks’ Dash Accelerator program has helped agencies worldwide with strategies to attain sustainable growth at a lightning pace.


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