ASP.Net Core – Your Next Generation Banking & Finance Web App Development Solutions

October 19, 2020 @ 10:02 AM By Jeff Harvey

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This Blog brings out the synopsis of using dot net core technology to develop a banking/financial application. Along with this it also speaks about the future, benefits, importance, and features of .net core.

We here will be talking about the Digital money with ASP.Net core technology and the below-mentioned topics that will help you in understanding the ASP.Net core for banking and finance app development solutions.

What we will be covering in this article is:

  • Chronology of the currency
  • Introduction to ASP.Net core
  • Why banking and finance Businesses Needs ASP.NET CORE?
  • Reasons for using mobile banking apps in the USA
  • How big is the US banking industry?
  • What are the benefits of using mobile banking apps?
  • Features to build better banking and finance web applications with ASP.Net core
  • Banking industry analysis
  • Advantages of ASP.Net core

Chronology of the currency:

  • Commodity money (barter system)
  • Metallic money
  • Paper money
  • Credit Money (Check/cheque)
  • Plastic Money (Debit/Credit card), last but not the least
  • Digital Money

Introduction to ASP.Net core:

ASP.Net Core is the latest technology that is an open-source, cross-platform, upgraded version and high-performance framework from Microsoft. This version of Dot net core empowers the developers to build modern feature-rich web apps and backend for mobile applications for variant industry domains such as Banking/FinanceEntrepreneurseCommerceHealthEducation and many more.

For your banking and finance industry,

  • A developer can build modern, cloud-optimized, mobile backends and IoT applications
  • ASP.NET Core application can be run smoothly on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system
  • Developers can deploy the app built-in asp dot net core on the cloud or can even run on-premises
  • The ASP.NET core framework is the outcome of two that is MVC and Web API

Why banking and finance Businesses Needs ASP.NET CORE?

  • ASP.NET Core is the open-source web application development platform
  • A part of the technology is free to use
  • Assures the high performance
  • Guarantees security than any other technology
  • Majority of the world developers trust and contribute to it
  • It allows existing and new bank and finance businesses to come up with new ideas that can solve critical problems that were only thought of before
  • Banking mobile apps work 30% faster when backend is built-in core and frontend in xamarin
  • It has scalable software that can be used to transform the complicated technical lives to easier one of people linked to the banking and financial sector.

Reasons for using mobile banking apps in the USA

“As Per One Of The Surveys, It Is Recorded That 28% Of The Banking Consumers Prefer Using Mobile Banking Via Smartphones And Tablets. Quality Banking Solution Is Offered By 25% Of The Top Global Banks To Their Customers Who Have Gone Mobile Already”

using mobile banking apps

As per the statistics and graph, when asked by the people of USA their reviews were as shown in the graph where,

90% of bank customers said the reason behind using the mobile application of the bank is to check/view their balance

79% recent transaction, 59% wanted to ease their billing cycle easy and wanted to pay their bills on the go, 57% hate visiting a branch to transfer funds.

The other 3 results are having less ratio as 20% wanted a mobile app to contact customer support, 19% wanted to open an account online without visiting the branch and 17% wanted to have their checks ordered and accessed in a single click by reordering it online.

So, above we had a stats of reasons why you should have a mobile app for a bank or finance industry. With the deep research, we also were able to get the stats on mobile banking usage which will help you in knowing how important it is for you to have a mobile app.

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Business insider intelligence recorded that mobile banking is no newer now and users need easy to use with security assuring mobile app of their bank where they can trust and perform an economic transaction without any fear.

With the study, mobile banking users recorded 89% and when it comes to millennials’ indication, it was recorded a huge 97% of mobile banking users.

For more information read blog Source – ASP.Net Core – Banking & Finance Web App Development Solutions

About the author:

Jeff is a Co-founder of i-Verve INC that is based in New Jersey USA, who has more than 9 years of experience in developing Mobile, Web, Enterprise App, Cloud & Microsoft Technologies solutions for businesses and startups across the globe. He has a knack of creating beautiful web/mobile portals in all platforms which turns local stores into global superstores. Jeff loves experimenting with new ideas to help clients win more customers and generate revenue to cash in more profits. If you're looking for a person who can help you with design, development and deployment of your website, then I would recommend you to consult with Jeff and his no-nonsense professional advice.

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