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July 22, 2021 @ 5:11 AM By GIFTA

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Corporate Gifting – Reward and incentivise staff in the workplace with corporate gift cards. Look no further for the perfect employee gift cards to boost team morale. GIFTA has corporate gifting covered.

Do you love receiving gifts? Well, your staff do too! Rewarding your staff with gifts is one of the many ways to recognise the hard work your team put in on the daily. Choosing the perfect gift to suit the diversity of personalities and characters in the workplace can be a challenge. You want to be a meaningful gift-giver, but the thought of having to shop for hundreds of staff, multiple times a year is a scary one! Look no further for the perfect gift to boost team morale because we’ve got corporate gifting covered. The flexibility of a GIFTA gift card makes it the perfect gift for anyone and everyone. It gives your staff the freedom to shop across hundreds of brands including Woolworths, David Jones, Ikea or Bunnings. With something for everyone, it means your staff are more likely to spend the card value on something they actually want. With the option to select a custom value, corporate gift cards are also flexible to any budget.

GIFTA makes gift cards personal. Our gift cards are warmly received, arriving with a custom message to let them know just how appreciative you are of their commitment to the team. Our employee gift cards are also completely customisable to ensure your organisation’s branding is clear and appropriately represented. Digital gift cards are also superb for connecting with remote teams. Sent straight to recipients by SMS and email, the gift card can make the distance without the common hassle that comes with sending mail in the post; delivery delays, lost mail or damaged goods upon arrival! We all know our remote teams are working hard to reach desired outcomes, however without daily face-to-face interactions, you don’t want their hard work to go unnoticed. That’s why surprising them with employee gift cards is the perfect way to remain connected to your team.

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Looking for an Australian gift cards shop? At GIFTA, you'll find what you need with our range of digital gift cards and corporate gift voucher options.

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