Develop An Ecommerce Website/Store With Laravel Aimeos Package

October 19, 2020 @ 10:21 AM By Jeff Harvey

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The whole domain of enterprise e-commerce has had a massive impact on the shopping industry for a long time now. According to Staista, Ecommerce has registered a steady growth both in value and in the number of goods and services it has to offer. While eCommerce accounted for only 7.4% of global retail sales in 2015, the figure went up to 11.9% in 2018. This steady trend is a strong indicator for businesses to shift their marketing efforts online. By 2021, the share is expected to rise even more, up to 17.5%!

Furthermore, according to a report by Gartner, the whole digital commerce platform market is expected to grow at a CAGR of about 15% from the year 2015 to 2020.

This kind of exponential growth has attracted a lot of platforms to adopt the e-commerce markets for a while now. There is an abundance of options for choosing such a platform while you are setting up your own e-commerce store.

Laravel For E-commerce Website Development

laravel for ecommerce website development

Different frameworks ranging from Magento to Shopify help you in building an e-commerce website from scratch. From the different frameworks available, Laravel is one of the most outstanding platforms which a developer could ever ask for. The most primary reason for this framework to be preferable to developers is because of Laravel Ecommere packages being pocket friendly and the allowing freedom to developers from all the hassle.

You are free to build applications from scratch if you choose Laravel for an e-commerce website or any such purpose. The best part is the abundance of features which you won’t be getting in most of the general PHP frameworks out there.

Specifically, there are a lot of features to look forward to.


Even though none of the online PHP frameworks are totally safe from any kind of hazards or attacks, but Laravel platform does offer a significant amount of security measures which you really won’t find in most of the frameworks. The best part about Laravel are the CSRF tokens who take proper care of the security framework and make sure there are no breaches in the database. These token check every request on the POST and ensure protection from somebody who might change POST to GET the request.

A variety of templates

Laravel is such a platform which takes proper care of different style designs of a business. There are a bunch of default templates to choose from. These templates are light weighted in the Laravel framework and are known for creating impressive and responsive layouts for businesses altogether.

For developers as well, the number of widgets of JS and CSS with significant structure also creates a great design with a good appeal. One of the most significant features of these templates is that they also reduce the loading time of a website to a greater extent.

Stability and Affordability for businesses

Laravel has everything a business needs to grow. With a stable platform, the code in Laravel is also well-written. The features in Laravel are custom-designed and this means, there is no need for installing specific plugins for specific purposes.

The best part about Laravel any application or website in it has the ability to work independently and usually doesn’t need any kind of maintenance or whatsoever.

However, if you want any kind of changes in your website/application or want to add something, the clean code packages from Laravel make the job much easier for you.

In most of the PHP frameworks, one thing worth noticing are the high costs of development. When you are to buy an enterprise e-commerce solution with all the plugins and features, the costs are generally higher than expected which is a big no-no for most of the starters.

But when it comes to Laravel, the packages are all exclusive of extra costs and all the features which you want are brought down to minimal costs.

Flexibility In Laravel Shopping Cart Management

If want to build an ecommerce website in Laravel, you might as well eliminate other options because the e-commerce package available for Laravel provides an abundance of features which you won’t have in other packages. You can manage the web stores and the Laravel shopping cart as well.

The primary code which is included in the package comes with a basic set of functions like payment optionspricinggatewaysfunctionalities of carts and a lot more.

And in case you are not able to figure out how to get started with the developmental phase of your website, you can always hire laravel developers who can get the job done for you within a particular deadline and of course, considering your budget as well.

Laravel E-Commerce Packege – AIMEOS

Laravel Ecommerce Packege Aimeos

The code packages which are available for Laravel are free on the website and could be easily implemented into the sites by the web developers.

Laravel Development Company gives the developers an abundance of advantages for building and working out their e-commerce solutions.

For the sake of helping out developers in creating advanced web stores which are fully in the control of owners, Laravel comes with the best kinds of e-commerce packages, one of them being AIMEOS.


The Laravel Aimeos Package is one of the most popular e-commerce packages not only because of the abundance of features for building a fully functional shopping cart, but also provide additional features for ranking at the top on search engines.

Aimeos provides controllers for detailed views, searching products or checkout processes. It is highly customizable as per your requirements and is a fully-featured online shop package.

The Aimeos Package is totally free and incurs fast web speed.

This is the main reason why Aimeos is trending as one of the most popular e-commerce packages and is so famous among developers. There is zero speed delay with Aimeos which is the main reason why developers prefer it in the first place.

For more Details visit – Build an eCommerce store/Application using the Laravel Aimeos

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