how to book best food in train

September 10, 2020 @ 10:56 AM By Sandeep

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 Gofoodieonline is an online food delivery in train exclusively for passengers travelling in trains to deliver tasty & hygienic restaurant food through our delivery partners on their train seat. Any passenger having valid reservation ticket can book the meal through website. The process of booking is as under:-

  • On the homepage Food in train , Or from app ‘Food delivery in train’- Gofoodieonline available on Google pay store , enter the Train no. and train start date of journey, click on search option then Stations list shall appear/display.
  • On selecting the station at which meal is to be delivered, vendor menu will open along with item prices.
  • Select the vendor and then select the meals to be booked. Prices of meal will be displayed alongside.
  • On placing the order, follow the steps
    1. 1.Confirm your details : Passenger mobile number and name in the required rows
    2. 2. Delivery details: Passenger PNR Number of 10 digits and coach number and seat number which allot on PNR or on which food will be deliver.
    3. 3.Payment Method: Passenger can use note /comment option to provide suggestion related to order, then select the mode of payment i.e. Cash on Delivery or online payment).Thereafter, confirmation of booking is to be made.

[/*]We believe to deliver healthy, tasty and hygienic food to our passenger and expanding our services to cover all such railway stations where traveler find difficulty to get food that makes Gofoodieonline best app for order food delivery in train

Passengers may lodge a complaint on the Gofoodieonline portal feedback option within 05 days from date of delivery using email id and phone no. used during booking of meals. check pnr status

Please mail us at [email protected] or call, what Sapp us at 7300000239. Our customer support executive will try their level best to assist you with any problems or doubts.

Ordering on gofoodieonline is available 24/7/365.If you chose to order by phone, you can reach Gofoodieonline’s customer care executives from 9.00am -10.00pm.Food delivery depends on the delivery vendor operational time, usually between 8.00am-11.00pm

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