How to grow your business post covid-19 crisis with the help of branding & advertising?

December 5, 2020 @ 11:49 AM By Rikin Shah

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Covid-19 has affected entire humanity equally. While individuals are still reeling with personal challenges, they will face yet another set of challenge on the business front. As emphasis on social distancing increases and top priority of all customers remain focused on health & safety, it will change their consumption patterns driving ripple effects across the economy. Expenses on anything which is not a living essential will take a hit. While some industries may experience a sharper dip in the demand, others may see a flat curve. Nonetheless, all businesses will face challenges and it will significantly affect their finances. As cost-cutting will trickle down across top to bottom hierarchies and departments, temptations will run high to choke branding & advertising exercises. Click here to read more….

About the author:

Drawing insights from rich and elaborate experience of working with leading national advertising agencies, Rikin Shah brings excellent strategic and creative edge to the firm. He has powerful business acumen of understanding client’s problem from customer’s standpoint. Over the years he has studied, implemented and mastered constantly evolving dynamics of marketing techniques, consumer behavior and brand innovations.

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