Improve Conversion Rate Of Magento ECommerce Store

October 19, 2020 @ 10:24 AM By Jeff Harvey

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Generating more traffic to the website ensures increased sales but improving the conversion rate of your Magento eCommerce store can double sales!

The holiday season is here and it’s the best time for retailers and eCommerce businesses to make or break their annual sales targets. Holiday sales involve selling of toys, party supplies, clothes and accessories, gift vouchers, alcoholic beverages, cakes, and more. The 6-8 weeks before Christmas are crucial for any eCommerce business owner. Every business owner aims to make more sales and profits for the eCommerce website.

If you own a Magento website and want to know how to improve the conversion rate of Magento e-commerce websites then keep on reading this guide to improve website conversion rates. Here you would know about several built-in features and tools to optimize the conversion rate of your website. Magento development services provider company can help you to create scalable, robust, and feature-rich eCommerce web store that stands out of the competition

We’ve listed a few useful tips for improving Magento conversion rates:

Add a Personal Touch

personalize website experience of users

Personalization is the key to boost the conversion rate of your Magento store. KISSmetrics states that 47% of the visitors expect the website to load within 3 seconds and 40% of users leave the website if it doesn’t load in 3 seconds. It is important to make your visitors and customers feel special when they visit your store to purchase any products or services. Your online shop should deliver an engaging user experience with all the required elements of personalization.

If you run an online eCommerce these tips on how to improve Magento store performance is must read.

Track and Understand User-behavior on Your Magento Store

It can be a good idea to make use of Google Analytics to get detailed information about customer behavior. Google Analytics can help you monitor and analyze the trends and behavior of the users of your Magento store. Make sure that you track stuff like traffic and the activities of the user on your website. It will help you understand users’ expectations and you can start creating targeted messages for the users. Make your website content welcoming and interesting for the target users to improve the conversion rate.

Add Seamless Multichannel Shopping Experience

Website owners and developers should ensure that the website delivers the best experience on all the devices. If your Magento website is not mobile-ready, you may end up losing a lot of customers. Magento comes with responsive themes that ensure a smooth experience.

Improve Website Navigation

Using layered navigation allows the users to filter the products and delivers an amazing shopping experience. You can use OOTB in both Enterprise and Community edition. You can improve your eCommerce website navigation with the integration of third-party solutions like ManaDevLayered Navigation Pro, and Amasty.

Website Maintenance – Keep Your Store Performance Optimized

Magento website maintenance

Developers and users need to check several technical aspects of Magento eCommerce development to ensure smooth performance of the website and increased conversion rate. Some of the important technical aspects on Magento include:

  • The latest version of Magento
  • Managed Magento hosting
  • Advanced cache
  • A server with advanced technologies
  • A content delivery network (CDN)

Use of a CDN and optimized service improve the page load speed. Visitors can leave your website if the web pages take a lot of time to load. The speed of the website matters a lot for the success of your eCommerce site. Make sure that your site uses CDN and optimized server to improve the experience.

Implement One-step Checkout Process

Amazon started one-click buying option for the users back in 2000. Later on, the one-click technology was adopted by other eCommerce website owners. Some website owners or Magento developers overlook the importance of a smooth checkout process. Time-consuming and tedious checkout process can cause shopping cart abandonment. Instant checkout feature of Magento 2 attracts more people as some users do not prefer to sign up on eCommerce websites.

Magento 2 Advance Features to Improve Conversion Rates

Utilize Magento Advance Features

Magento 2 comes with advanced features such as Elasticsearch (Enterprise Edition only) and PayPal in-context checkout and saved credit cards. Elasticsearch improves the site’s conversion rates as it provides the users with better search results.

Learn – How to Improve Conversion Rate Of Magento ECommerce Store

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