Latest updates of Google Penguin Update

September 18, 2020 @ 11:50 AM By Evelyn Richardson

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Google has announced earlier about his new algorithm updates of Webspam in search engine optimization technique. Penguin Update all about the ‘Webspam Update’, in this technique measure all the contents quality and over optimization of sites. All the search engine   algorithm updates causes some objection and many reasons. It is strategy of change search engine optimization a website may be punishing if they have over optimization and spamming Google. You need to follow Google’s quality guidelines for seo or Search engine guidelines. If you want to start search engine optimization then you should know all the guidelines and few things before start a optimization process.

24th April is the day when Google change his Algorithm. This algorithm updates all the search engine strategy. The latest Algorithm detects all the search engine traffic.

Here we mention basic categories you have to check.

  • Check all the contents are unique and fresh
  • Check your website is search engine friendly or not?
  • You can check your website – this is associated with social media sites or not?
  • Check the various linking of your websites and they are working or not?
  • Mention robots.txt in your website and check this is crawl by Google or not?
  • Don’t use black hat seo techniques
  • Don’t buy links you can use only natural link building services
  • Share proper and authentic information on your social media profile.


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