Top 5 future business transformation with (ONPASSIVE) in 2020

August 19, 2020 @ 5:07 AM By ONPASSIVE

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Technology has always evolved at a fast pace to implement and to grow fast in the market

Artificial intelligence or AI is continually passing into everyday business uses. From trend predictions to workflow management, AI has numerous usages in a business. It also presents new business opportunities. AI is showing potential across a wide range of industries, including manufacturing and retail. New products are being embedded with virtual assistants, while chatbots respond to customer queries on everything from a web hosting service provider’s support page to an online office supplier’s website.

The AI terrain occurs under the surface, making our existing technology more intelligent and unlocking the power of all the data that companies collect.

For businesses, practical AI applications can manifest in all sorts of ways based on the organizational requirements and the business intelligence (BI) insights acquired from the data one gathers. Businesses can implement AI for everything from driving engagement to mining social data in customer relationship management (CRM) to optimizing logistics and efficiency when it comes to managing and tracking assets.

ONPASSIVE is one such business solutions platform that enables the power of AI in its tools that provide a wide range of functionalities such as domain registration, digital marketing, website building, email marketing, to flexible wallets.

In this article, we’ll discuss how these 5 ONPASSIVE features can be a friend in a successful business growth strategy.

#Domain Registration


Choosing the best domain name for a business is critical for its success. Frequently, new entrepreneurs rush to pick a domain name for their business only to realize later that they have made a wrong choice. If someone chooses an incorrect domain name, then it can be difficult to switch later on without harming the brand name and search rankings.

While the domain name generator from ONPASSIVE will help find better domain name ideas, it can also be pretty overwhelming for new users to see so many options. That’s why a step by step framework has been created to choose the best domain name.

  • Choose .com domains
  • Keep it short
  • Keywords are a must in a domain name
  • Make it simple to spell and pronounce
  • Avoid Hyphens
  • Make it brandable
  • Avoid Double Letters

How does the Domain Registration feature work?

The domain registration feature analyzes the keywords entered in the domain name search tool and recommends the best possible domain name ideas for a business. The artificial intelligence algorithm combines common words, prefixes, suffixes, random words, and the search keywords to make domain name suggestions suitable to the requirements.

Apart from the primary .com domain, the domain search results also include other common domain extensions such as: .org, .co, .net, .biz, .info, .blog, and more. This enables finding the top ideas for the industry or website name.

#Digital Marketing

ONPASSIVE - Digital Marketing

 With the capability to collect data, to react to that data after analyzing and applying the same, ONPASSIVE tools are revolutionizing digital marketing. As the volume of potential customer’s information grows, it’s furthermore essential to make data-driven decisions accurately and promptly. Here are ten ways how ONPASSIVE digital marketing tools encourage business growth.

  • Improved Personalization & Recommendations
  • Customer Service Chatbots
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC Ad Optimization
  • Better User Experience
  • Content Creation and Curation
  • Automated Marketing Processes
  • Understanding and Predicting Customer Behaviour
  • Better User Experience
  • Better Business Intelligence

Every digital marketing strategy can benefit from ONPASSIVE’s AI-driven digital marketing tools. It isn’t just here to replace the jobs of advertisers and marketers; it’s here to up their real creative potential.

#Website building

 ONPASSIVE - Digital marketing

No one has to say how crucial it is for business owners to have a website. Particularly in the modern economic environment, when most people are required to stay indoors, having a website is undoubtedly essential to keep the business profitable and relevant.

The good news is that there’s no need to spend thousands on a web developer; all that is required is ONPASSIVE website builder.

ONPASSIVE website builder with the power of AI provides easy to build customized websites from scratch. No coding skills are required; no exclusive downloads or devices required. This platform makes sure the site will look great irrespective of the device, whether it’s mobile devices or laptops or tablets. Of course, manual tweaks and content creation can be made as per requirement. It’s like having a developer and personal web designer always watching over your back.

#Email Marketing


Efficient email marketing is about taking advantage of valuable technologies and innovations. The ONPASSIVE email marketing tools will allow brands to simply learn which components of an email strategy work, and which one needs to be adjusted. Also, the firewalls enhance the strategies in preventing unwanted emails, ensuring clean and verified email lists before launching the email campaigns.

The machine algorithms automatically make adjustments to the campaigns in real-time, indicating that there’s no further requirement to build additional conditions or segments to follow all changes in customer preferences in the future. Here’s how ONPASSIVE email marketing tools help businesses.

  • Personalized recommendations
  • Draft email copy and subject lines
  • Improve deliverability
  • Proactive reporting

These features help business owners to make data-driven decisions and will result in better customer communication.

#Flexible Wallets

ONPASSIVE - Flexible Wallets 

Digital wallets are the modern way to pay. Business owners today can develop a seamless online experience for their customers with the help of an ONPASSIVE flexible digital wallet. The flexible wallet is directed at implementing secured transactions with lower transaction fees. This improves customer engagement and allows more educated decisions. With the records and track of all transactions, the flexible wallet can stop online payment frauds.

The key benefits of ONPASSIVE digital wallet are as follows:

  • Customer engagement and loyalty
  • Ensures safety and secure safe payments
  • Offers customer insights on the usage pattern

As the age of smart technology and AI develops around us, the opportunities for businesses are here for the taking. With the suitable technology and planning process, companies can implement artificial intelligence to create smart infrastructure, enhance the customer’s experience, improve security processes, and completely change the business model that they’re based on.

As per several ONPASSIVE reviews that are available online, it’s been claimed by several that ONPASSIVE provides that technological helping hand for a successful growth strategy. Irrespective of any ONPASSIVE review, businesses must implement AI to the work process to make them more fluid and adjust as per market changes. Finally, instead of taking over the entire world, AI technology is here to modify industries and improve our skills and abilities.

About the author:

ONPASSIVE is an AI tech company founded by Ash Mufareh in July 2018 to empower online and offline businesses worldwide with the use of Artificial Intelligence. At ONPASSIVE, The Company offers multiple AI-powered marketing automation tools to help companies automate day-to-day activities and succeed.

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